Precision Automation Solutions for Battery Manufacturing

Our Expertise in Battery Manufacturing:

  • Battery Cells, Modules, or Packs
  • High-Throughput Automated Full Production Line Builds and Installs
  • Ultra-Precision Motion Control and Material Handling
  • Zero-Defect Methodology
  • Web Handling and Stacking
  • Precision Dispensing
  • In-situ and End-of-Line Testing
  • High-Speed, In-line Optical and Vision Inspection

Industry Leader, Devlivering Precision Automation Solutions Sine 1973.

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High Throughput Battery Cell Production

From smartphones to electric vehicles, demand for batteries is leading battery manufacturers to rapidly add new production capacity. Can developing highly automated battery assembly lines be accelerated.

Modular Battery Cell Processing and Assembly System

A battery manufacturer needed an automated battery cell processing and assembly system that is scalable to various cell form factors and throughputs.

Industries for Battery Manufacturing



Consumer Electronics

Energy Storage

Medical Devices

Precision Manufacturing



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Manufacturing battery cells is a complex, demanding process with significant challenges. 

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With more than 20 million electric vehicles expected to hit the market by 2030.

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