Automation in Medical Device Manufacturing

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Precision Medical Device Manufacturing


Our experience in medical device manufacturing is vast. From, designing and deploying a line to produce an eye implant to alleviate macular degeneration to developing a system to test aortic heart valves, we have helped our clients successfully produce medical devices of superior quality at the most optimal costs.

We are 50 years young, with a lot of experience in complex automation projects that tackle some of your most difficult manufacturing challenges.


Full Line & Module Builds | Process Assembly | Precision Dispense | Micro-Fluidics | Advanced Material Handling  High-Speed Inspection | Defect Detection | Package Seal & Label Inspection | Kitting | MES Integration | IIoT | HVM  AI

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Automation Opportunities for Medical Devices Manufacturing

By leveraging Dwfritz’s automation solutions for medical device manufacturing, you have the opportunity to transform your production capabilities while conducting real-time inspections on 100% of your capacity. In essence, you can enhance your manufacturing output, minimizing errors to a greater extent than ever before.

Class 3 Medical Device Package and Label Inspection

Ensuring pharmaceutical and medical inspection compliance with machine vision increases reliability, decreases costs, and dramatically reduces contamination risks.

Embolic Coil Processing System

A medical device manufacturer needed a semi-automated system to trim platinum wires from incoming coils before applying and curing a UV adhesive between the coil and proximal bead.

Medical Equipment

A medical equipment tubing supplier came to DWFritz with a forecasted annual increase in demand by over 400%, and did not have enough tube machines to take advantage of surge in demand. 

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Using Automated Vision Inspection in Medical Device Manufacturing

Has part variability and the use of manual inspection proceses created issues with achieving your product quality and yield goals?

Importance of Process Automation in Medical Device Manufacturing

Finding the right automation partner with the core competencies to automate your manual processes is necessary and critical to maximize production yields.