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Global Contract Manufacturing Services

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DWFritz Automation is a 50-year-old company, located in Wilsonville, Oregon. With more than 200,000 sq ft of production space across 2 sites with well qualified staff with years of experience, we help many of our customers with their manufacturing needs.

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Industries We Serve

Medical Devices

Precision Manufacturing

Energy Storage

Consumer Electronics




From Blueprint to Product

DWFritz Automation excels in crafting tailor-made designs, conducting mechanical engineering, and manufacturing comprehensive turnkey automation systems. Additionally, we can address our clients’ requirements by producing build-to-print machines.

What does “contract manufacturing” involve? In essence, our clients furnish us with mechanical drawings, bill of materials, and often the complete controls programming for a machine. Subsequently, we replicate the machine based on this documentation, with potential recommendations for enhancements or the integration of outdated components. The programming, debugging, and final approval processes remain integral in such projects.

Case Studies

Automated Parcel Sortation

One of our largest customers in the Automated Parcel Sortation industry came to DWFritz for helping in completing the unique AI based design of their product. And when the orders started pouring in, they did not have the manufacturing bandwidth to deliver on their forecast. By partnering with DWFritz with our Copy Exact/Build-To-Print Operations, we were able to quickly scale up production to assemble, build and ship on a very aggressive delivery schedule.

Battery Manufacturing for Datacenters

With the exploding growth of the Datacenter industry, our customer had established themselves as a superior technology-based newcomer that would transform the Battery Backup market with their innovative design. Being a startup, our client had very little production resources to scale to meet demand. Within 90 days, DWFritz was able partner with them to and provide facilities, skilled labor and global procurement expertise to deliver hundreds of their finished products on a monthly basis that met/exceeded their demand forecast.

Medical Equipment

A medical equipment tubing supplier came to DWFritz with a forecasted annual increase in demand by over 400%, and did not have enough tube machines to take advantage of surge in demand. DWFritz was able to take their design and produce dozens of a highly complex electro-mechanical system. As a result, they are now taking advantage of the spike In the market and maximizing their business plan profits.

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