Consumer Electronics

High-speed, non-contact solutions designed to meet the HVM needs of the dynamic consumer electronics market.

Our high-speed manufacturing techniques using precision motion, advanced machine vision, and robotics are unparalleled enabling high-volume production with zero defect methodology, and 100% CTQ inspection while dramatically improving throughput with the least incremental cost per part.

Key Applications

  • Laptops/Tablets
  • Large panel displays
  • Cellphones
  • Circuit boards
  • Cameras
  • Printers
  • Wearables and AR/VR
  • High-volume manufacturing


  • Deep learning based defect detection
  • Precision material handling and fixturing
  • High-speed, inline inspection
  • Color and gloss inspection
  • Binning and sorting
100% CTQ inspection
Non-contact inspection of circuit board.
Gantry with non-contact sensor inspecting cell phones.
Cellphone screen inspection.

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Advanced Solutions for Consumer Electronics

Defect detection of shiny surface.


From consumer electronics and wearables to printed circuit boards and panel displays, our state-of-the-art solutions help manufacturers improve quality and efficiency with a smaller footprint. Our high-speed, non-contact inspection systems perform 100% part inspection using custom lighting and strobe sequencing for in-motion part inspection. Our systems process over 100M parts per year with 2-micron accuracy and 10% GRR repeatability, completing over 400 measurements per part with 2-second cycle times.

Sample inspection screen measuring concentricity.

Our automation systems integrate advanced robotics, machine vision, custom software, and other advanced technologies to assemble the products of tomorrow. Six-axis robots with custom end-effectors move parts between different assembly and inspection stations with precision and speed, while advanced sensors can scan and identify products of various sizes and shapes, validate, inspect, sort, and bin final products.


Robotic material handling system.

We use advanced robotic material handling systems to transfer parts between various process modules, where our world-class expertise in various precision engineering disciplines really shine. Our engineering teams excel in metrology and inspection, using 2D/3D cameras, line lasers, chromatic confocals, and white light interferometer sensors to scan parts for position and orientation, perform dimensional measurements, and inspect for defects as well as color and gloss.

Success Stories

Precision Vision Inspection

A consumer product manufacturer needed a high-accuracy, automated vision system to perform 100% inspection of structural adhesive patterns and die placement on a production line.

Color/Gloss Inspection and Sorting System

A consumer electronics manufacturer needed a system to inspect components for color and gloss characteristics.